• Preparing the accounting policy and individual chart of accounts;

  • Current processing of the primary accounting documents-check, classifying, store documents in archive;

  • Current accounting of the business operations;

  • Processing data with accounting program, which give us opportunity for electronic data exchange;

  • Keeping stocks;

  • Charging depreciations;

  • Preparing of a depreciation’s plan for the fixed assests;

  • Monthly preparing and submission of sales register, purchase register and declaration according the VAT law.Also preparation of all needed documents for VAT return electronically.

  • Preparing and submission of VIES declarations;

  • Preparing and submission of intrastat declarations;

  • Processing of the cash register’s reports;

  • Processing of the bank statements;

  • Processing of the documents for business trips and preparing advanced reports;

  • Monthly preparing of the payment orders for the social and tax company’s obligations to the budget;

  • E-banking;

  • Preparing of reports requested by the clients;


  • Preparing the employees contracts and annexes, job descriptions,additional agreements,order appointing or termination of the employment contracts,their submission to the territorial Tax Directorate;

  • Monthly preparing of payroll salary;

  • Preparing and submission of Declarations №1 and 6

  • Preparing and submission of documents according art. 62, paragraph 4 from the Labour codex;

  • Registration of documents for temporary incapacity for work;

  • Preparing documents for retirement;

  • Preparing documents for paid amounts and documents for remunerations;

  • Filling occupational and insurance documets ;

  • Preparing certificates, official notices etc for the employees;

  • Monthly preparing of payment orders for social obligations to the budget


  • Free consultations if a contract is signed;

  • Tax optimizing consultations;

  • Form recruitment consultations;

  • Law consultations;

  • Consulting and help for company’s registration;


  • Monitoring deadlines for taxes and declarations;

  • Preparation of payment orders for tax payments;

  • Preparation of tax ledgers;

  • Preparation, submission and protection of tax declarations, annual financial statements and other information to the Revenue Agency;

  • Conduction audits with tax administration’s institutions;

  • Representation and protection in front of institutions –National Revenue Agency,National Insurance Institute and National Health Insurance Fund;

  • Analysis and evaluation of tax deeds, actions or inactions;

  • Analysis and evaluation of administration’s audit reports and deeds; evaluation of the findings and imposed tax obligations;

  • Advices for representing the information in front of the Revenue agency


  • Preparation and submission of annual financial reports;

  • Preparation of the annual tax declarations;

  • Preparation of annual statistics forms for the National Statistics Institute


  • Collection of documents from the customer’s office;

  • On – line banking;

  • Submission of documents to various institutions;

  • Initial registration and re-registration in the Registry agency;

  • Vat registration and de-registration;

  • Registration of cash registers;

  • Certificates for good standing, for presence or absence of obligations;

  • Preparation of documents for credits;

  • Representation and protection during audits